Meet Nicholas.

I am the most competetive individual you will ever meet.  I want us to win TOGETHER.


Thanks for stopping by to say hello! 

I'll start off with a quick history lesson about us:  DigitalGoals was established in 2002 as a family business.  Just before that time, I was a (very) young executive for a consulting firm called Accenture, and was lucky enough to get some shares in their IPO.  I left Accenture in late 2001 because I figured consulting wasn't that hard and there wasn't a lot of overhead, so I could go it alone and keep more of what I made.

That was half-right.

There's a lot that goes into the sale of expert-advice, as we and our brilliant doctor-clients are well aware.  It wasn't long until I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Google would become the dominant player in the paid advertising space and the trust-based-marketing sales process for knowledge workers, so we eventually shifted our full attention to helping medical and dental practices make 7-8 figures per year via internet marketing.

That's obviously an abbreviated version of the story, you can find a more complete version in my book (which I am happy to give you for free when you attend a complimentary Strategy Session.)

I'll wrap this up by saying: We love our stakeholders, whether they be doctors, surgeons, dentists, patients, investors or implementation partners. 

We strive to create a family-like environment where we all look out for one another and stand together focused on generating a million dollars or more in new revenue.  Through this simple, unwavering commitment, we can all share in the joy of joint-accomplishment and to the long-term-health of the American patient.  



Three Keys to Success

If we do these three things right, there is little that can go wrong:


Commitment to Transparency

By telegraphing our intentions in business, we may signal our competitors regarding our strategies; however, this risk is mitigated through the building of trust and executing our strategy relentlessly.


Relentless Execution

No company is perfect; but we must at least relentlessly strive for excellence.  Expertise and integrity will carry us through any hard times.  We will persist in helping accomplish our clients' goals for as long as our clients will allow.


Beauty in Efficiency



Given our thorough memory of humble beginnings, we are hard-wired to spend budget like its personal money.  Through this discipline that we are good stewards of investor funds & fees paid to us by our clients.