Buy, Sell, Merge

Local medical and dental practices have begun to transition from sole-proprietorships and closely held LLCs/LLPs and into the world of private equity.  Many doctors lament this trend, arguing that it is the patient who suffers; however, the best way to fight back is to grow your practice to help more patients.

Six Steps to Local Medical + Dental

M&A Success

Often referred to as "transitions" in the medical and dental field, there is a significant number of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures that occur in the U.S. market on a weekly basis.  This is a high-level overview of what those transitions look like behind the scenes, and what an enterprising doctor must do to prepare.

Find someone to trust.

Hopefully you've engaged DigitalGoals to help grow your current practice and we have earned your trust to help guide your transition.

Map your 10-year plan.

Generally we find the acquirers of practices to be 30-55 years old and the sellers to be 56-70.  Why are you doing this? Money? Family? Glory?

Analyze the practice.

This might be your practice if selling or another's if buying.  What are the financials? Which staff will stay?  What is the multiplier?

Conduct due diligence, then offer.


Trust but verify.  Base the final asking price or offer upon which financials can be verified by an independent specialist accountant. 

Execute the agreement.


DigitalGoals can act as your right-hand to ensure that the deal is commercially reasonable & give you confidence to execute.

Find synergies, consolidate.


Cut costs when feasible and expand marketing spend to drive additional patient acquisition to fill capacity brought on by new location.