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Video Transcript

How does DigitalGoals help doctors?

DIgitalGoals specializes in HIPAA compliant internet marketing in order to generate additional revenue for medical doctors and dentists. We offer website design to pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, content writing, and video production. 


DigitalGoals' Elite 300 clients are for practices interested primarily in lead generation. Typically, lead generation practice marketing is utilized most heavily by high volume-seeking practice areas like lasik vision correction, plastic surgeons, and general practitioners.  If your practice is not looking to get new patients via the Internet, DigitalGoals is probably not the right fit for your marketing needs.  Some practices only want a "brochure type" of website to point referrals to that has a few brief procedure descriptions, some generic photos and contact information.  These practices are generally close to 100% "referral-only" practices.  These practices are generally close to 100% "referral-only" practices with little need for marketing and zero desire for growth.

We then implement a program to bring new leads to your firm via Google Ads and Facebook ads in addition to the aforementioned SEO.  This is why we structure our fees as an upfront Media Day fee, then a monthly fee for the Optimization and Ad Management thereafter.  The websites and SEO / PPC marketing programs designed by DigitalGoals are designed for conversions – getting visitors to pick up the phone and call your practice.

Do you really need a new site?

Working with DigitalGoals is a little different than working with an ordinary digital marketing company, our client practices do not simply pay us to create a website for you and then ship you the source code to upload to GoDaddy. DigitalGoals' involvement often begins with a website, but it NEVER ends there.  We do not bill ourselves as a digital marketing agency, we are a revenue strategy agency.  A new website is only a priority for your practice if it will help you close more business than you are currently closing with your existing site.  Put another way, we don't simply force all new clients to build a new practice website.  Our competitors require a rebuild EVERY time; and we think that is dishonest.

Often, a client will have already invested into a very attractive website that we can simply augment with some professional video and additional written content in order to help improve their rankings with search engines.  We will interview the staff at your practice and create the original content for your site including finding royalty-free images, scheduling a Media Day to capture custom photography and videography of your office, your patients (for testimonials) and your team. 


DigitalGoals will use commercially reasonable efforts to move your practice up the local search engine rankings via SEO; however, we also rely upon paid traffic in addition to search engine optimization.  Our strategy weights our internal efforts 33% to SEO and 67% to PPC.  Then, we track EVERYTHING for you. Every single time an ad is clicked or your page is found organically through Google and every single call that comes in to your call tracking numbers is recorded in a HIPAA compliant manner so DigitalGoals can examine the patterns in traffic and further boost the tactics that are working.  


We hate variable costs in our business model, and we think you probably do too.  As such, we charge an initial fee to cover the Media Day where we often send Emmy-award-winning videographers on-site to capture the essence of your practice and the kindness of your staff.  We also highlight your expertise in your own personal video, along with any other associates that you may have on the medical team.

Beyond the implementation fee, we bill on a monthly Flat-Fee basis (in arrears), plus we will collect and distribute your PPC budget (amount is chosen by the client with input from our team) per month that goes directly to Google and Facebook for ads.  Our flat-fee pricing is very low; you'll find it similar to what you might pay an office manager to run the front office of your practice; we have found that we are roughly 50% of the cost of the alternative of paying a full time Director of Marketing.  

To implement our Elite 300 program please schedule a free strategy session.  We seek to make our fee cost-neutral by the 90-120 day mark; what this means practically when we accomplish it is that you effectively get all of our cyber, HIPAA, revenue strategy and internet marketing expertise at zero out-of-pocket cost due to ROI from the SEO and PPC that we have implemented.  Cool, huh?

You can get a free copy of our book when you SCHEDULE A FREE STRATEGY SESSION.  


Custom video is included for every Elite 300 client.

We are pretty darn good at this now.  One of the processes that seperates us from the spiky-haired Internet marketing impersonators out there is our ability to craft a custom video production for every practice that tells their unique story to their prospective patients.

The Google search engine algorithm loves custom video.  It ranks better than almost any other content a doctor can use because customers crave human interaction.  They want to know the doctors and the staff before they meet them.  They are entrusting them with their health and happiness.

Video is such an important aspect of our service that we have retained Emmy® award winning videographers and actual film producers to get it just right. 

Have a look at a few sample videos below:


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