Is your Practice the Right Fit?

Our team has identified five criteria that can help you better understand whether or not your practice is the right fit for our Elite 300 program.


Above all else, we honor the commitment we have with our clients.  If we are working with a doctor in your geography, they have exclusivity.  We cannot work with you, their competitor.  


Your practice must be operating at a maximum of 75% capacity, or you must be open to acquiring an additional practice.  We cannot grow past a hard-capped operational constraint.


Generally, the practices that we choose to work with as clients have revenue approaching or exceeding $1 million annually.  Ideally, we would like to help triple average revenue from $1 million to $3 million.

Desire to Win

We find that the people we work best with are or were competetive athletes.  We want to work with those who have a burning desire to dominate their market and to be recognized as the very best.


We are excellent at Revenue Strategy and Digital Marketing, but we aren't perfect.  We want doctors who are willing to go-the-distance with us and accomplish a 300% revenue increase, no matter what.