Integrity.  Loyalty.  Honor.

When a practice becomes an Elite 300 client of DigitalGoals we promise to never work with a competitor in your same geographical market.  To do so would be unethical.

We honor our exclusivity arrangements.  We will never work with one of your competitors as long as you are a client of DigitalGoals.


Due to the nature of the geographic-domination strategy that we seek to implement on behalf of our Elite 300 clients, we can only work with one practice per medical or dental specialty in any given market.  We usually try to map this by ensuring each practice has access to at least 100,000-1,000,000 residents in the surrounding area. 


If you've ever worked with an attorney, you'll remember at the beginning of your engagement with them, they ran a "conflict check".  We do something similar, but a bit more involved due to the analysis of the demographics of the surrounding towns and cities to where a practice is located and where we will work to acquire patients.


We self-regulate by only allowing ourselves  to work with one practice in a particular area since to grow their practice, we will necessarily need to extract patients or potential patients from other practices which would create a pretty obvious tension if both practices were clients of DigitalGoals.


For instance, a doctor who is buying a practice has a tension with the doctor selling a practice. Their interests are different.  Also, if a patient in Beverly Hills is looking to complete a $30,000 face lift, which practice do we send them to if we have two client practices in Beverly Hills? 


This is an important process and it does help protect our clients.  If you are still shopping around for a revenue strategy or internet marketing firm, please make sure you ask about exclusivity or a conflict check.  If the firm does not offer exclusivity, ask them why or simply engage with a firm that does offer exclusivity as they are doing the right thing to make sure they are protecting the interests of their clients. 


Lastly, since DigitalGoals only works with one practice per geography to generate new patients and dominate that local market why on earth would you delay?  Do you really want us working with the practice down the street and taking YOUR patients for THEM?