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Video Transcript

So, what is Internet Marketing anyway?  Why is it different for doctors?

Internet marketing is the most powerful kind of advertising in the world.  It targets the people who are actively looking for a medical or dental procedure at the MOMENT that they are ready to make a decision for a doctor.  We help doctors position themselves with wealthy patients who are cash-payers for procedures in order to ween the doctors from being reliant upon stingy insurance companies for smaller-and-smaller payments. 

We receive many questions from doctors after they preview our information. Most doctors really want to understand what our program is all about, how it works, and how we have been able to get other medical and dental practices to the top of the search engines in their demographic and help grow their business so quickly.

These doctors really want to understand what we do and what we bring to the table for their practice. Some doctors want to understand in detail what we do, how it works, and why it works so well, and for those doctors we refer them to our book.  If you are the kind of doctor that just wants a short but accurate description of how internet marketing for doctors and dentists work, then read on.  We can explain it to you in 12 parts, on a single page.  A smart doctor will "get it" in 10 minutes or less.

Quality Marketing and SEO is about doing a dozen things right simultaneously, which is why it's so hard for other marketing companies to get results. Your medical practice might have been with a marketing company in the past that only focused on one or two of the 12-part Internet Marketing Procedure such as on-page optimization or Facebook Ads.  Quite frankly, one or two parts, or even a handful of tactics is not enough to generate more patient leads, more calls to the practice and ultimately more procedures. Marketing done in bits and pieces just doesn’t work and why so many are frustrated by the results they have been getting.  

To be successful in marketing your practice, you must adopt a number of different strategies and ensure they are all working together to make your practice grow dramatically. 

Many of our strategies are explained in detail within our book for you to take your practice to the next level in a confident and integrous manner while complying with HIPAA.

You can get a free copy of our book when you SCHEDULE A FREE STRATEGY SESSION.  


Custom video is included for every Elite 300 client.

We are pretty darn good at this now.  One of the processes that seperates us from the spiky-haired Internet marketing impersonators out there is our ability to craft a custom video production for every practice that tells their unique story to their prospective patients.

The Google search engine algorithm loves custom video.  It ranks better than almost any other content a doctor can use because customers crave human interaction.  They want to know the doctors and the staff before they meet them.  They are entrusting them with their health and happiness.

Video is such an important aspect of our service that we have retained Emmy® award winning videographers and actual film producers to get it just right. 

Have a look at a few sample videos below:


SCHEDULE A FREE STRATEGY SESSION and receive a complimentary copy of our book (a $29.95 value)