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Why would a doctor care about cybersecurity?


Video Transcript

Good Digital Hygiene

Like the health of your patients, the health of your practice depends upon good hygiene habits.  Here are a few of the maladies that could strike without good advice that translates into good process for your front office staff and business associates.



What would happen if you couldn't access any of your computer systems?  Could you pull patient records?  Book appointments?  Collect payments?

Drained Bank Account


Imagine logging into your practice or personal bank account and seeing that it has been depleted of all funds.  Nothing is left.  Zero.  It does happen.

Medical Record Theft


The new wave of cyber criminal is targeting medical records to sell to individuals for use to get surgeries that they otherwise couldn't afford.

Remote Equipment Sabotage


Any of your devices that connect to your network may be exposed to hackers who will alter the settings on your equipment and cause havoc with patients.

Medical Supply Theft


Imagine someone ordering a $15,000 piece of equipment on your practice's account and having it drop shipped to a 3rd party address.

Fraudulent Tax Returns


Doctors are well-to-do for the most part and cyber criminals know this.  They steal information and file phony tax returns to collect large refund checks.

Don't Take Risks With Patient Data.

Like many aspects of health, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Cyber protection can be very cost effective if you implement protections prior to a breach.  Certainly more affordable than the alternative, which can cost between $80-140k on average for a small business like a dentist or physician practice.  Contact DigitalGoals, we are happy to advise you and help keep patient data safe.