Venture Services

Captial markets for technology are fraught with misrepresentations and predatory financing. 

Our team has a unique blend of technological skill and regulatory insight that can help teams navigate through the capital raise and investment analysis process for projects related to blockchain, digital currency, crypto assets and cyber security.

XBR Token Exchange Rate


XBR will back select utility token offerings of merit with a pegged, actionable exchange rate, up to a 1,050,000 XBR unit cap. 100% of the Tokens or XBR received or retained by XBR, LLC originally designated for the "X:Y Exchange Rate Program" shall be escrowed by XBR, LLC (or its successor(s)) for further benefit of the United States Treasury for a term of not less than 100 years forward the date the bitcoinR genesis block was generated (or, not earlier than Monday 21-MAR-2118). 


Equity Crowd Funding

An excellent first step for a project to enter the marketplace in a regulated manner, is a filing of Form C with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and the marketing of securities via a registered portal.  With a cap of $1,070,000 per Form C offering, and little upfront investment, startups in the blockchain space can acquire the funding that they require without sacrificing massive equity.  Compliance with SEC rules and regulations helps founding teams sleep through the night.



As of 2018, ICOs have gotten a bad reputation as instruments used by less-than-credible individuals to raise money from ill-informed investors without regard for government regulation.  While there are a great many examples of this exact combination of negative factors, there does exist a way for Americans to hold a pre-ICO and an ICO on American soil, inclusive of American investors.  No longer do innovative founders need to cross oceans and domicile their entities in far-away lands.  Call us, we can help.

You can have your equity and sell it too.

Find investors in the United States.  Sell equity or tokens legally.

Let's work together!

Here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing:

Institutional Advisory

Capital allocations from limited partners come with expectations of return within a specific timeframe.  Often, funds know that they need to participate in cryptocurrency as an asset class, but are unsure of where to start.  We can help you with a framework to judge intelligent investments and assign a time horizon.

Founders Advisory


This is a strange time.  Venture capital is pouring into certain blockchain projects while others have a difficult time getting traction with institutional investors.  Why?  There is a formula by which some institutional investors judge new projects and decide whether to invest.  Do you know the framework?  We can help.

Expert Witness

Founders.  Regulators.  Investors.  Attorneys.  With the coming avalanche of civil and criminal cases against projects in the United States, all stakeholders will need credible, cryptocurrency expert witness testimony to sway jurors and mediators to their stated goal.  Don't be on the side without its own expert.