Advisory Services

Our technology projects begin with a business strategy that first analyzes the components of your demand chain.  Through a comprehensive understanding of the economics of your business model, Digital Goals can implement strategic technology to help you capture market share.


Cybersecurity Blueprinting


Engage our cyber experts to:

  • Hire an interim CISO/CSO
  • Execute a comprehensive pentest
  • Design a GDPR/security policy
  • Manage a crisis caused by breach

Digital Strategy


Engage our strategy experts to:

  • Hire an interim CMO
  • Achieve ad goals on Google
  • Reach Facebook Audiences
  • Attract real-time mobile audiences

Blockchain Architecture


Engage our blockchain experts to:

  • Hire an interim CTO
  • Build a new blockchain project
  • Understand US crypto regulations
  • Raise funds with an ICO or pre-ICO

Implement a holistic strategy driven by technology.

Let's work together!

A few ideas to get your juices flowing:

Interim CISO


We have interim CISO services options for part-time and full-time engagements as well as advisement for individual security projects. You will interface with one of our senior cybersecurity staff with 15+ years of professional experience.  For full-time engagements, your Interim CISO will operate exclusively on the needs of your organization.  

Blockchain Planning Session


Lean on our expertise to form a deeper understanding of blockchain technology and the economic implications for your business model.  We will comprehensively investigate together with your team the challenges within the context of your industry from a cryptonomic, compliance, regulatory and technological perspective. 


GDPR Strategy Engagement

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) finally came into effect on 25 May 2018, replacing the 22-year-old EU Data Protection Directive. Now, any company around the globe that does business in Europe or handles the personal data of EU residents must comply with the new rules.  We expect a regulation covering the U.S. soon.